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Rohtang Pass – Snow and more !

Located in the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas, Rohtang pass links Kullu to Lahaul and Spiti valleys of Himachal Pradesh.


Humayun’s tomb- A blend of styles

Humayun is a very interesting character among the big 6 Mughals that ruled the subcontinent. From being chased out of subcontinent by Sher Shah Suri, to taking refuge in Persia and Kabul, to his fight back to take control of Dehli again, to his death in a freak accident (fell of the stairs and died).

Source: Humayun’s tomb- A blend of styles

Italian man hunts blue sheep in Hunza

“Gilgit-Baltistan wildlife management board had auctioned in December last year 70 hunting permits for trophy hunting program for 2014-15, which included 12 permits for Markhors, 50 for Ibex and 8 for Blue Sheep, respectively” this is insane…how can you kill endangered species…

National News Pakistan

GILGIT: An Italian man has hunted a blue sheep with 32-inch-long horns in the wildlife conservatory at Gojal valley of Hunza-Nagar district near the Pak-China border.

54ff6e817fb4bBoieti Gian Carlo hunted the sheep in Khunjrab Village Organisation’s (KVO’s) wildlife conservatory at Sukhterabad Nullah, some 20 kilometers from Pak-China border on Sunday, the organisation’s secretary information Rahimullah Baig told NNP on Tuesday.

He said that the blue sheep was the Pakistan’s longest and the world’s second longest animal.

He said the Italian hunter had secured hunting permit paying 8,000 US dollars to the Gilgit-Baltistan wildlife department.

Blue sheep is a rare species, found only in Nepal and Pakistan.

He said that the foreign hunter spent three days in KVO’s wildlife conservatory looking for the blue sheep.

Mr Baig said that hunter was accompanied by his local guide, Mahboob Ali, local community members and officials of GB wildlife department to ensure that the hunt was carried…

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Father of Nation- Where he lived…

I also visited this place a couple of years back…


I saw this museum as I passed on the road several times. It always looked well maintained, but I never saw any people. I finally got a chance to visit on a weekend with IM KARACHI team, the gate was locked, but there was a little sign giving the hours and saying that admission is free. We were about to turn around and give up, but the custodian walked over slowly and unlocked the gate apologizing for taking a long lunch. He welcomed us and gave us a guided tour narrating the history as we went. The signs clearly said no photography inside, but after so many requests they not only let us, but encouraged it (without flash).
Previously known as the Flagstaff House, the property was purchased by Jinnah in 1943 for Rs.140,000/-. The curator said it was designed by Moses Somake and built circa 1868 pointing at the…

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Mubarak Village

It was possibly the last day of Ramazan, a Jumma-tul-Wida as well, that the five of us ventured on a day trip to Mubarak Village. In attendance were four cousins and a nephew, a young gun who lives in Islamabad and who had visited the beach only a couple of times before. So there was plenty of excitement in the air coupled with a touch of pessimism introduced by the oldies. The reason being the recent stories about Mubarak Village, that the route is quite unsafe and people have been robbed of their belongings on the way there.

After letting the car tracker company know that we would be leaving the city we headed for Mubarak Village at around 2:30 pm. It is the same route that one takes to Hawkesbay but from there one has to travel another 25 km to reach Mubarak Village. Part of the road is under construction and the ride gets quite bumpy at times. After travelling for about 1.5 hours, a distance of about 50 km from DHA, we reached our destination. It was quite an overcast day with persistent threat of rain, a day an English Cricket commentator would not appreciate but which was quite to our liking.

After spending an hour on the beach, taking pictures and selfies (yes group selfies) we ventured back to Karachi. The return journey taking about an hour and fifteen minutes. We were home by 6:15 pm, well in time for the last Iftari of the month.

Chai Shai – Some Breathing Space for Karachi

After listening to all the horror stories of Karachi from far off (Islamabad) I was quite pleasantly surprised to find Chai Shai, a place for tea and coffee, nestled in a quite corner of DHA. Its not something that has not been done before, Chai places are scattered all over the town. But this place has a unique artistic touch to it, coupled with some unique food offerings such as a tandoori pizza. A pleasant sea breeze, that helps you forget the miseries thrown your way by K-Electric, is an added advantage. And somehow the place seems safe, you do not fear losing your i-Phone 6 while getting back in your car at a late hour in the night. Yes the party continues all night, till the Karachi boyz (pun intended) have had their sumptuous Sehri and are ready to hit the bed.

Bottomline: if you are in Karachi and want to hangout with friends there is no better place than Chai Shai.

Sajikot Falls – Havelian

Sajikot Falls are located about 145 km from Islamabad via Motorway, GT Road and KKH. Ideally one can take Islamabad to Peshawar Motorway and exit at Burhan. From there you can take GT road to Hasan Abdal and on to KKH. Once you reach Havelian do not take the left turn towards Abottabad, rather continue on the straight road. You do not cross the bridge that leads to Abottabad. Sajikot is about 25 km from here. The road is in pretty good condition but you would have to ask around for the route as there are many side roads that can mislead you. Once you reach Sajikot you park your car on the main road and take a 10 min hike down to the falls.

WAPDA Rest House Khanpur

On a recent visit to Khanpur Lake some friends pointed out that there is a beautiful rest house perched on top of a hill in the middle of the lake that needs to be explored. Of course it is not on an island as it is connected to the main road by a narrow passageway. As it turned out the rest house belonged to WAPDA and anybody can go there for a night’s stay. The charges for a room in the rest house are a mere Rs.1700 per night.

After making a booking for a night through Mr. Zahid-ul-Hasan who is the SDO there I arrived on a hot summer afternoon in the middle of Ramazan. I was informed that I would have to arrange the groceries myself as there were not enough supplies in the kitchen. So I was accompanied by the cook to the local market from where we got the required supplies for Iftar and dinner. The Iftar menu included Fruit Chat, Samosa, Rolls, Leachy and Tang. The dinner included Daal Chawwal and Chicken Karahi.

After having my dinner I retired to my room which was fitted with an air conditioner but which was not operational for some reason. The night time temperature was definitely a few degrees lower than Islamabad. I skipped the morning Sehri and started my return trip at around 11 am. I also stopped enroute Islamabad to do some souvenir shopping. I got a pretty good deal on a Buddah statue and was also informed that I could get original centuries old gold and silver coins if I could pay a decent amount.

Surma Time! Desi Beauty Spot.

Khanjar hain teri ankhen,
Talwar teri ankhen…

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