A long weekend is a prized asset for a travel junkie like me. So when the Muharram long weekend came around I packed my bags and got on to the road for Kaghan Naran. Having started at 9 in the morning I arrived in Naran at around 5:30pm. There was one stopover for lunch at Balakot.

After spending the night in the comfortable environment of PTDC Naran I decided to venture onward to Lulusar and possibly further to Babusar Top. But the information collected from the local people suggested that going to Babusar Top would not be possible as it had just snowed a couple of days back and routes to the top would be closed.

To my surprise the road to Lulusar was in pretty good condition and I had no problems getting there on my Suzuki Swift. Once again the information given to me by the Jeep Walas was that there is no way you can go to Babusar Top as you will be stopped by Army Jawans only about 5km further from the lake.

Incidentally I was not stopped at the 5km mark and I actually continued for another 17km beyond Lulusar Lake to arrive at Babusar Top. The road was not in such a great shape as it was partially covered in snow and there were also muddy patches which made driving quite challenging. The total distance from PTDC Naran to Babusar Top was around 65km.

There was even some consideration given to the plan of continuing on to Chillas as it was only 44km from the top. But with the fuel tank going low on fuel and with the weather uncertain I decided to head back. I arrived back at the hotel in around 2.5 hours and headed straight to the fuel station. But I was informed that the station was out on fuel and tanker would arrive late in the night.

So after spending another night at PTDC Naran and replenishing the supplies I headed back to Islamabad.

PS: We ventured out of Naran just in time to avoid the heavy snowfall that left thousands of tourists stranded in the valley. And later in the week the Northern areas were jolted by a 7.7 magnitude earthquake.