I also visited this place a couple of years back…


I saw this museum as I passed on the road several times. It always looked well maintained, but I never saw any people. I finally got a chance to visit on a weekend with IM KARACHI team, the gate was locked, but there was a little sign giving the hours and saying that admission is free. We were about to turn around and give up, but the custodian walked over slowly and unlocked the gate apologizing for taking a long lunch. He welcomed us and gave us a guided tour narrating the history as we went. The signs clearly said no photography inside, but after so many requests they not only let us, but encouraged it (without flash).
Previously known as the Flagstaff House, the property was purchased by Jinnah in 1943 for Rs.140,000/-. The curator said it was designed by Moses Somake and built circa 1868 pointing at the…

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