It was possibly the last day of Ramazan, a Jumma-tul-Wida as well, that the five of us ventured on a day trip to Mubarak Village. In attendance were four cousins and a nephew, a young gun who lives in Islamabad and who had visited the beach only a couple of times before. So there was plenty of excitement in the air coupled with a touch of pessimism introduced by the oldies. The reason being the recent stories about Mubarak Village, that the route is quite unsafe and people have been robbed of their belongings on the way there.

After letting the car tracker company know that we would be leaving the city we headed for Mubarak Village at around 2:30 pm. It is the same route that one takes to Hawkesbay but from there one has to travel another 25 km to reach Mubarak Village. Part of the road is under construction and the ride gets quite bumpy at times. After travelling for about 1.5 hours, a distance of about 50 km from DHA, we reached our destination. It was quite an overcast day with persistent threat of rain, a day an English Cricket commentator would not appreciate but which was quite to our liking.

After spending an hour on the beach, taking pictures and selfies (yes group selfies) we ventured back to Karachi. The return journey taking about an hour and fifteen minutes. We were home by 6:15 pm, well in time for the last Iftari of the month.