On a recent visit to Khanpur Lake some friends pointed out that there is a beautiful rest house perched on top of a hill in the middle of the lake that needs to be explored. Of course it is not on an island as it is connected to the main road by a narrow passageway. As it turned out the rest house belonged to WAPDA and anybody can go there for a night’s stay. The charges for a room in the rest house are a mere Rs.1700 per night.

After making a booking for a night through Mr. Zahid-ul-Hasan who is the SDO there I arrived on a hot summer afternoon in the middle of Ramazan. I was informed that I would have to arrange the groceries myself as there were not enough supplies in the kitchen. So I was accompanied by the cook to the local market from where we got the required supplies for Iftar and dinner. The Iftar menu included Fruit Chat, Samosa, Rolls, Leachy and Tang. The dinner included Daal Chawwal and Chicken Karahi.

After having my dinner I retired to my room which was fitted with an air conditioner but which was not operational for some reason. The night time temperature was definitely a few degrees lower than Islamabad. I skipped the morning Sehri and started my return trip at around 11 am. I also stopped enroute Islamabad to do some souvenir shopping. I got a pretty good deal on a Buddah statue and was also informed that I could get original centuries old gold and silver coins if I could pay a decent amount.