Although I am not a big fan of Metro Bus Project Islamabad I still am happy that some progress has been done in the area of transportation. My major concern regarding this project is its cost. Otherwise transportation is a very important area and people who commute daily between Islamabad and Rawalpindi would definitely benefit from it.

Having reached office early in the morning I decided to take a walk to the Parade Ground Metro Station. The staff of the Metro Station looked quite impressive in their new attire. The station also looked quite speckless. But to my amazement there was a big sign notifying everybody that pictures could not be taken inside the station. Anyway after playing a bit of hide and seek with the attendants and grabbing as many pictures as I could I left the Metro Station.

PS: Buses were arriving quite regularly and there were quite a few passengers in each. The ticket for a Metro ride is Rs.20 which is quite reasonable for anybody traveling from Rawalpindi to Islamabad.