I would like to get some Chamak Patti for my car

Covering kolachi

The function of ‘tradition’ in the Pakistani society is deep rooted, dating back almost centuries when ironically the country was not even an independent entity; rather it was a part of the larger subcontinent. Since then, and possibly even before, many traditions have been in practice, especially in the field of arts and culture. Truck art is a very well-known and well practiced form of art which is not only famous for its vibrancy of colors, but also for rejuvenating the real spirit of the Pakistani culture through its depictions.

Travelling across the busy metropolitan city of Karachi, we drove deep into the settlements and ‘truck addas’ of Shireen Jinnah Colony, a somewhat neighboring area of the famous Bilawal House. The colony has always been a great attraction for artists, photographers, videographers, directors and the like to visit and experience the world of trucks; how they are almost made from…

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