While most people dread travelling through Lyari, these Germans were quite happy to mingle with the people there!

short stories about a rather long trip


“You drove through where? Are you crazy?” The receptionist at Karachi’s finest Beach Luxury Hotel looks at us like we just asked if we could marry his pet hamster. “You didn’t take the expressway to here? Didn’t anyone warn you about driving through Lyari at night?” “Nope, never heard of the place actually”, I quip. The receptionist sighs, clearly overwhelmed by so much foreigner stupidity.

Lyari turns out to be one of Karachi’s oldest parts of the city. The area where drug lords and arms dealers have control. Presumably the place is so dangerous that the Police leaves every night before sunset and only returns the next morning after sunrise. It’s a place where you get can get killed just by giving someone the “wrong” look.

Unfortunately I gave many people more than just a wrong look. I completely lost it in the middle of Lyari, basically cursing everyone around…

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