A couple of years back me, my cousin and his wife went to Naran in search of the famous Lulusar Lake. We stayed at Perhana Cottage which is about 10km short of Naran Bazar along the River Kunhar. Since it was off season we got a pretty good deal on the rooms. The rooms were quite cosy and the food was good.

We had heard that the road to Lulusar had just been re-carpeted so we decided to venture there on our Suzuki Alto instead of hiring a jeep. The road was indeed in very good condition and we did not have any major problems up to Jalkhad which is 40 km from Naran Bazar. The route to Jalkhad was quite scenic with plenty of streams and snow clad mountains in the distance.

But once we crossed Jalkhad the condition of the road sharply deteriorated. Lulusar Lake is only 10 km from Jalkhad but it took us about 45 minutes to complete this part of the trip. But it was all worth it as Lulusar Lake presented some breathtaking views. We could have ventured further to Babusar Top as it is only two hours further from Lulusar Lake but we decided against it as it was quite late in the afternoon and we wanted to make it back to the hotel in daylight hours.

We did have enough time for a boat ride and some coffee. After spending a couple of hours at the lake we decided to head back.


1. Although we would like to recommend Perhana Cottage to anybody who wants to stay overnight in Naran, we would like to add that PTDC Naran is also a good option if one can afford it.

2. If you would like to explore the area further you can get a jeep from PTDC Naran to Babusar Top for Rs.7000 and from Jalkhad to Babusar Top for Rs.5000.