This is the story of a trek by Osama and Yasir from Islamabad to Khanpur Lake via Kot Jandaan.

We started from E-9 Islamabad around 9:00 am and reached Jandaan around 10:15 am. This was a gain of around 400 m (the altitude of Islamabad is around 600 m and Jandaan is around 1000 m). After a 15 min stop we started moving further through the valley gradually going down from a peak at 1000 m. There were several possible paths along the way but we stuck to the wide jeep track that goes all the way up to Khanpur.

At around 1:30 pm, after covering a distance of 20 to 22 km, we reached the main road leading up to Tanawara. We got a ride from here and explored the areas around the lake. After heaving a lunch and some tea at Tanawara we headed back to Islamabad. We got a wagon up to Taxila and from there a taxi to E-11 Islamabad. The taxi guy charged us a very reasonable amount of Rs. 600.

Some Tips

The trek from Islamabad to Jandaan is a bit difficult as this is quite a steep hike and you gain about 400 m in about an hour. But once you have reached Jandaan its quite easy from there as you go slowly down to the level of Khanpur lake. You are advised to carry some snacks and plenty of water as there are no shops along the way after Jandaan. You are also advised to take 3-4 stops so that you do not burn out half way. In case somebody needs help there is some local transport in the area which can be contacted. Wireless signals are not available most of the route so you must share your plans with your family before venturing out.