In one of my earlier posts I had narrated the story of our trip to Gorakh Hills near Dadu, Sindh. On this same trip we also stopped at Ranikot Fort on the way back to Karachi. Ranikot is located about 100 km short of Hyderabad on Indus Highway, going southwards. There is a narrow road that leads up to the fort which is about 30 km from the main Indus Highway. This is quite a desolate spot so you are advised to go here with the required supplies of food, water and fuel.

It is claimed that Ranikot fort is the largest fort in the world with a circumference of 26 km. There is no certified information on the origins of the fort with some people attributing its construction to the Greeks. There is a prehistoric site of Amri close to the fort but there are no signs of any old city within the fort. Whatever be the origin of the fort, it is quite a magnificent structure and is rightly called The Great Wall of Sindh. Since 1993 it has been on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Many people intending to go to Ranikot ask if the fort is safe to visit and can they go there in a car. As previously mentioned this is quite an isolated spot so it is not that safe. There are no towns on the way to Ranikot, after you take the exit from Indus Highway. So its recommended that you travel in large groups as any miscreants that might be residing in the area are less probable to attack a large group. If possible you can also take a security guard with you and travel during the day time. Secondly the link road to Ranikot is not in great condition but you can easily go there in a car. We did Ranikot in a Suzuki Cultus and did not have any problems. The fort walls are visible from quite a distance so if you do not see them after taking the exit from the main road and travelling for 15-20 minutes double check to see that you have taken the right exit.