It was in summer of 2006 that me and my friends decided to visit the newly established Sher Safari in Lohi Bher Rawalpindi. Sher Safari is located a few kilometers before Behria Town on the Islamabad Expressway (going towards Rawat). There used to be a sign indicating the entrance to the Sher Safari but it has been taken down now. The main landmark is the railway crossing couple of hundred meters on the road leading to the Sher Safari. The road zig zags along the Korang river for a few kilometers before we arrive at the enclosure dedicated for the lions. There are a few other animals as well as birds that have been kept at this wild life park.

After paying the ticket we entered the enclosure for the lions, in our car. There was one lion and two lionesses in the enclosure. But we were not aware of the two lionesses and also ventured briefly out of our car not knowing that they were in the area and could attack us from behind. The lion that was the focus of our attention looked pretty weak and not that well fed. It was quite a hot day and the lion was seen helping himself to ample amounts of water. The lionesses, when they finally appeared, looked to be much more healthier and active.

After spending some time with these wild animals and admiring the beauty of these wonderful creatures we decided to head back.

Latest Update: I have visited Sher Safari recently (2015) and found that although Sher Safari is open, the lions (one lion and one lioness) are caged. This is due to the fact that there was a lion attack recently which resulted in death of a person. Do not ever underestimate the power of these animals and keep a safe distance from them.