It was early spring of 2009 that me and two of my friends decided to head out for Gorakh Hills, also known as Murree of Sindh. This is the only place in Sindh to receive snowfall in the winters. We departed from Karachi at around 8:00 am and reached Dadu, a distance of about 331 km, at around lunch time. We were travelling in a new Suzuki Cultus which touched 160 km/hour on the Super Highway.

After having lunch at Dadu we traveled to Johi, a small town to the West of Dadu at a distance of about 19 km. From here we gathered information about road conditions to Gorakh Hills and the possibility of night stay at Gorakh Hills. We were informed that road condition was not that great and we would require a jeep to make it all the way to the top. We were further informed that there was a small rest house at the top which is usually open to visitors.

After negotiations with several jeep drivers we settled for a Rs.4500 deal which included night stay at the top. We gathered food supplies and other necessary items for the night stay. We headed out for Gorakh hills late in the evening and made good progress for the next couple of hours. The road condition was quite good for the first 50-60 km (Gorakh Hills is about 75 km from Johi) but then it started deteriorating with last leg being nothing more than a dirt track.

After reaching the top our guide/driver started looking out for the chowkidar of the rest house but he was nowhere to be found. Fortunately the rest house was open and there were plenty of utensils available to help us in preparing the food. After having a good dinner around the fire we decided to call it a day. Although it was past the winter season and there was no snow around but the night was quite chilly and the temperature was definitely below 10 C.

We woke up early next day and had our morning tea after which we started our return journey. We took turns to sit in the front of our Suzuki jeep as it was quite uncomfortable at the back. The major cost of the trip was that of the jeep we hired and the fuel consumed by our car. There were no charges for using the facilities of the rest house. There have been some more developments in recent times to attract visitors to Gorakh Hills and it might be a good idea to get in touch with Gorakh Hills Development Authority before you venture out for your trip.