It was a cool winter day that we ventured towards the famous Rohtas Fort, built by the great emperor Sher Shah Suri (real name Farid Khan) in 1541. With forecast of heavy rains the plan was quite uncertain but a clear morning provided the opportunity to head out for the trip. Starting from Naval Complex E-8 we drove on the Islamabad Expressway towards the airport. After passing the airport chowk, we continued on the Expressway towards Rawat and further on to Mandra, Gujjar Khan and Dina. Dina is about 108 km from E-8 Islamabad.

Immediately after passing Dina we took a right turn towards Rohtas Fort. Rohtas Fort is a further 8 km from this point. The road is quite decent but with overnight rain there were a few puddles of water that needed to be crossed. We reached Rohtas Fort in about 2 hours from Islamabad keeping an average pace of about 60 km/hour. We were welcomed at the fort by a local guide who offered his services without any bargaining. We were introduced to the history of the fort and the importance of the various structures within the fort as well as the significance of Kahan river.

After spending about 1.5 hours around the fort we took a break for chai and pakoras. The hot chai served as a tonic on this cold winter day. With rain and thunder in the air we decided to skip a visit to to the famous bowli (staired well) and  started our trip back to Islamabad and reached our destination in about two hours. After a good afternoon nap and some more tea and pakoras I decided to gather my thoughts and publish this post online!