If you are from Karachi and want to escape the city for a day Kund Malir is the ideal location for it. Kund Malir is located about 200-250 km from Karachi, depending upon which area you are starting from. It is a beautiful location where the mountains of Hingol National Park meet the sands of the Arabian sea. The landscape is peppered with palm trees adding further charm to it. Here you can take a dip in the sea, which is quite pleasant even in hot summer days, or just sit there and enjoy what the beauty of nature.

A few km before reaching Kund Malir you cross Hingol river, which is quite a gentle river on normal days but could be a raging torrent after a spell of rains. In fact people who visited this place after the floods in Balochistan a few years back tell horrific stories of death and destruction. It is said that during the floods the water from Hingol river was passing over the bridge, which is a good 25-30 feet in height.

The point where coastal highway hits the Hingol river is commonly known as Agore and if you carry on further you will hit the Boozi top (the highest point in the mountainous pass on the way to Ormara). If you have sufficient patience and observation you can spot some wildlife here including crocodiles in the river, freely roaming gazelles and migratory birds.

There is a road veering to the right just before the bridge at Agore and if you continue on it for about 20 km you will hit Nani Mandir a Hindu religious site with great historical significance. There used to be a river crossing on the way to Nani Mandir which was a bit difficult to cross in the rainy season but now a bridge has been built over this river. You will also have the pleasure to meet a Sadhu at Nani Mandir who has been there for as long as I can remember and has very interesting stories to tell!